Green Cleaning - Making the Switch

Green cleaning embraces the concept of keeping our homes, bodies and environment clean in an eco friendly way that minimizes our enviromental impact and health risks. Green cleaners seek to replace chemical cleaners and disposable goods in favor of plant and mineral based cleaners and refillable, reusable, and recyclable goods. Some reasons for making the switch to green cleaners are health concerns, environmental impact to our ecosystems, and potential cost savings. Start simple by using just one all purpose surface spray cleaner.



3 Reasons to Switch to Green Cleaning

Switching to green cleaning protects your health, reduces pollution, and can save you money.

1) Many household cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals. These chemicals may cause cancer, organ damage, skin rashes, burns, allergic reactions, and even death. Poison AerosolThese harmful chemicals are often washed down drains, finding their way into our drinking water, lakes, streams, and oceans where they continue to affect plant and animal life. By switching to green cleaning ingredients, you take a positive step to reducing your exposure to dangerous chemical health risks in your home and the enviroment.


2) Buying green cleaning products in bulk or concentrated form and using refillable spray bottles reduces packaging and pollution indoor air pollutionduring the creation, transport and disposal of these products. Green cleaning products also reduce indoor air pollution caused by the vapors of harmful chemicals found in many commercial cleaning products that can irritate your nose, throat, eyes and respiratory system.


3) Making your own green cleaners from bulk or concentrated supplies while using refillable containers can reduce your overall cleaning costs. For example, you can use 1/4 cup of Saving Moneyconcentrated liquid soap, some water, and a few drops of an essential oil to a refillable spray bottle and you've got an all purpose green cleaner for a fraction of the cost of traditional cleaners.


Make the Switch - Start Simple

Make the switch to green cleaning by starting simple. With so many products to choose and so many different cleaning needs, you might wonder "How and where do I start?" One way to make the switch to green cleaning is to start with one basic all purpose surface cleaner. An all purpose surface cleaner has a multitude of uses around your home and the recipes are simple, affordable and fun to make.


Castile All Purpose Surface Spray Cleaner

All Purpose Spray Cleaner

This is one of my favorites. This one uses Dr. Bronner's Castile liquid soap (unscented, baby-mild), water, and essential tea tree oil. Castile liquid soap is a very eco-friendly soap made from plant oils. The essential tea tree oil adds some scent and a bit of extra antibacterial cleaning power. This is one of my favorite cleaners because it is cheap, effective, and I prefer lightly scented cleaners. I can change the scent simply by using a different essential oil such as lavender, lemon, or sweet orange. You can even mix oils for your own custom scents.

How to Make Your All Purpose Surface Cleaner

  1. Fill a 24oz. spray bottle about 3/4 full with water.
  2. Add about 10 drops of tea tree oil.
  3. Add 4 Tbls. of Castile Soap to the spray bottle.
  4. Add water to fill the rest of the bottle.
  5. Screw the spray nozzle on tightly and shake to mix well.

Use this to clean kitchen and bathroom countertops, appliances, sinks, tubs, toilets pet carriers, toys, folding chairs, outdoor furniture and other hard surfaces.

One of the benefits of having a bottle of Castile soap around is that it is versatile soap that can used as a gentle body wash, hair shampoo, dish soap, floor cleaner, mild laundry soap and more. Castile liquid soap is a basic ingredient that belongs in every well stocked green cleaning supply kit.