Green Cleaning Recipes for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and fresh with these safe and inexpensive green cleaning recipes. These natural cleaners will help you clean grime and soap scum, remove stains and mildew, and disinfect surfaces.



Cleaning tubs, tile and grout of grime and soap scum:

How to clean tile and groutThere are two good ways to clean your tubs, tile and grout.

One way is to pour a bit of baking soda onto a wet sponge or cleaning cloth and scrub. If you need more scouring power, add some salt onto the surface or sponge and add an extra dose of scrubbing action. Both ingredients are very mild, yet effective abrasives for routine cleaning.

For tougher grime and grout cleaning jobs, another way to clean without harsh corrosive chemicals and noxious fumes is to use oxygen bleach.

Bio Kleen Oxygen BleachOxygen bleach is powerful, but unlike chlorine bleach, it is environmentally safe to use around your home. Oxygen bleach is sodium percarbonate; basically the solid form of hydrogen peroxide bonded with natural soda ash. Sodium percarbonate is non-toxic and biodegradable. Oxygen bleach comes in liquid and powdered forms, you'll want powdered for cleaning tile and grout. Follow the manufacturer's directions for diluting with water. Saturate the tile and grout and leave on for about 60 minutes. Use a grout brush to scrub the grout clean and rinse well.


Removing Stains and Mildew

lemonsThe citric acid in lemons has a mild bleaching effect making it useful for removing stains and mildew. Create a scrubbing paste by mixing a little lemon juice with salt. Apply the paste to the surface to be cleaned and let it sit for while, then scrub and rinse. The salt helps loosen and scrub away the grime, and the lemon does the bleaching and disinfecting. Organic Lemon Juice


It's always nice to have fresh lemons to use for cleaning, but in a pinch you can use lemon juice. Organic lemon juice is not from concentrate and has no preservatives.



Disinfect Surfaces

Skip the poisonous fumes and vapors of bleach and make your own natural disinfectant. Add 3 table spoons of liquid castile soap Tea Tree Oilfor cleaning power with 20 - 30 drops of tea tree oil for disinfecting power to a 16 0z spray bottle. Fill the rest with water. Shake gently to mix well. Spray surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected, and wipe with a clean cloth.