My name is Steve Lee. I developed this site in response to my growing concern for the health and welfare of the planet. Some of this concern stems from the various jobs I have had. The most significant job that really drew my attention to ecological concerns was an I.T. job I had at a major recycling center in Los Angeles. The company I worked at recycled building materials. They collected and recycled drywall, glass, brick, concrete, wood, copper, metals, aluminum and other materials found in construction. The company had several large properties in an industrial section of the San Fernando Valley. The area was also the location of vast auto wrecking yards and we were exactly next door to a municipal trash dump. It wasn’t our recycling center that made me concerned about the planet, it was the constant arrival of garbage trucks next door that dumped the city’s waste collections into ever growing mountainous piles of trash into the landfill.












Before it was a landfill it was a giant rock quarry, a huge hole dug in the earth. Once the quarry was depleted, it became a landfill. I watched that landfill grow a few feet every day. It was soon well above the height of our building. Rats grew, bred and thrived on the waste and they ran all over the neighborhood. By day they could be seen scurrying through our halls, and by night they would leave droppings on our floors, tables, and desks at night while they scavenged for our lunch left overs. Those rats and the mountain of garbage next door made me think “we are literally trashing the planet.”


Another job that made me hyper aware of our impact on the planet was my job at a local elementary school. I was astounded at the huge amount of paper products that gets distributed, consumed and then thrown away in the process of educating children. Endless reams of paper, cardboard, cardcard stock, butcher paper, and more gets used and only a recyclesmall portion is recycled. Our school had half a dozen large commercial waste bins and the vast majority of the trash going in them was paper products. And I thought “whoa” how many trees was that in the trash today? and is this going on every school day at schools all across the world? As the school’s computer teacher, I stopped using paper for posting assignments and put all assignments on the web. I also required students to deliver their completed assignments digitally on their own student websites or our school file servers. Around the 2011 -2012 school year, concerned parents brought in several recycling bins and initiated a recycling program that dramatically reduced paper, carboard and plastic waste on campus.


Because I have been witness to large scale waste and trashing of our planet, I have moved gradually but continuously towards doing my small part to buy organic, recycled and sustainable products.

This website is my collection of resources to help others in their quest for a more sustainable and organic lifestyle.