Organic Hair Care Products

Organic hair care products are commonly made with natural plant derived ingredients that clean, moisturize and condition without damaging your hair or the environment. Many conventional hair care products use petroleum based ingredients such as silicones, synthetic chemicals, colorants and artificial fragrances that may irritate your scalp, cause dandruff or even hair loss. Hair care products that are labeled organic strive to reduce the use of harmful chemicals as much as as possible. Some things to look for when shopping for organic hair products are ingredients that don’t contain preservatives, petroleum chemicals, fillers, or artificial colors and fragrances. To evaluate just how organic these hair products are, be sure to read the ingredients label carefully.


Organic Hair Care Products

100 Percent Pure
100% Pure - Shampoo, conditioners, balms. No synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, or toxins. Cruelty-free. packaging made using recyclables .

Alba Botanical
Alba Botanica - natural, organic and cruelty-free hair care products. 100% vegetarian. Made from rich vegetable and nut oils, pure plant waxes, herbal extracts and pure essential oils.
Alba Botanica

Aubrey Organic Hair Care
Aubrey - All natural shampoo and hair conditioner. Made from herbal, plant extracts and natural vitamins. No paraben preservatives, petrochemicals, artificial colors or fragrances.

Avalon Organics
Avalon Organics - Hair care products that are at least 70% organic. Shampoos and conditioners with natural botanicals and essential oils. Gentle, safe and effective. No hair-stripping cleansers.

Babo Botanicals
Babo Botanicals -Hair, scalp and skincare products for babies and kids. Made with flower and plant extracts. No dairy, soy or nut oils. Allergy tested, no synthetic fragrances or colors.

Beauty Without Cruelty
Beauty Without Cruelty - 100% Vegan and Pthalate Free hair care products. All-natural formulas are made with pure essential oils from flowers, herbs & spices. No animal testing or ingredients.

Botanical Skin Works
Botanical Skin Works Natural Hair Care - Products that cleanse, nourish, protect and strengthen your hair. 100% natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Chatto - Natural hair care products made from plant extracts, fruit extracts, essential oils, organic oils, natural roots, herbs, and organic butters. For all hair and skin types.

Desert Essence
Desert Essence - Hair care made from vitamin rich essential oils and botanicals. Gluten free. 100% Vegan. Hair care, bath and body, skin care, dental care, baby products.

Dolphin Organics
Dolphin Organics - Baby and children's products that are natural and organic. Shampoo that is vegan, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens, sodium benzoate or harsh chemicals.

Earth Mama Angel Baby
Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics - Baby Shampoo with no toxins or artificial fragrance. A sweet natural scent from organic Vanilla and orange essential oils. The perfectly safe baby shampoo.

Ecco Bella Hair Care
Ecco Bella -Natural hair products, shampoos and conditioners. Unique blend of essential oils and herbs with a special coconut cleanser. Paraben-free. Vegan. Not tested on animals.

Eco Colors
Eco Colors - Permanent non toxic professional hair color. 100% gray coverage Conditioning and nourishing soy base formula. Flax Oil, Castor Oil, 100% Organic Flower Essences, Silk, Vitamin E / C

EO Products
EO Products - EO means "essential oils" EO products makes natural and organic body lotions, conditioners, shampoos and shower Gels. No synthetic colors, fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Erbaorganics - Mild and gentle organic baby care products. All-natural and organic shampoo for babies sensitive scalp and delicate hair. Green and eco-friendly cleansing agents.

Healing Herbs by Rene
Healing Herbs by Rene - Natural organic hair products made with home made herbs. Hand made to beautify hair without harsh chemicals. Pet shampoo too! Cruelty free and Vegan. Made in USA.

Herbalix Restoratives
Herbalix Restoratives - Natural and organic personal body care. Made with certified and wild crafted ingredients when possible. No refined, bleached, deodorized oils, herbs, flowers and minerals.

Herbatint Hair Color- NOT organic, but a more natural formulation made with the fewest chemically toxic ingredients compared to competitors. No ammonia or paraben. Not tested on animals.
Herbatint Hair Color

Intelligent Nutrients
Intelligent Nutrients - Certified organic hair care products. - Made with food grade ingredients. No pesticides or herbicides. Non toxic and color safe. anti-aging, antioxidant rich.

Jason Hair Care Products
Jason - Hair care made with safe, natural ingredients such as botanical extracts, vitamins and proteins. Formulations for fine, frizzy, normal and health hair. Biotin restorative for damaged hair.

John Masters Organics
John Masters Organics - Luxury cleansing, conditioning, styling products made with 70-100 % organic content. No artificial colors, fragrances or fillers. Unparalleled care for your hair.

Just Natural Hair Products
Just Natural Hair Products - Natural and organic hair care products. Products made by hand with natural ingredients for the safest and the most powerful healing and renewing properties for your hair.

Kinky Curly
Kinky Curly - Organic curl care. Made with natural fragrances and safe food grade colors. Kinky-Curly products do contain preservatives to prevent mold and bacteria from forming.

Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face - Natural and organic ingredients in hair care formulations that are potent and effective. Biodegradable, paraben free, phthalate free, no artificial fragrances. Vegan friendly.

Miessense Organics
Miessence certified organics - Shampoo and conditioners made from desert flowers, Aloe Vera Juice, Avocado Oil and Honeysuckle Extract. Comprehensive line of certified organic hair products.

Moom Organic Hair Remover
Moom Organic Hair Remover -Contains Organic Sugar, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Chamomile, and Water. Moom Strips are washable and reusable. Hypo allergenic. NO chemicals.

Modern Organic Products
MOP - Modern Organic Products - Shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that include organic and food derived ingredients. Options for every hair type.

Morrocco Method - Hair Products
Morrocco Method - Made from natural derived minerals and botanicals from around the world. Designed to detoxify and nourish. Featured in CBS News, InStyle Magazine, People Magazine.

NaturTint - Natural plant based hair color. No harsh chemicals. No ammonia, parabens, no resorcinol. Covers gray in a single application. 29 mixable color shades.

Onesta - Natural plant based shampoos and conditioners. Contains certified organic botanicals. No animal ingredients, no parabens,. No synthetic colors or dyes.

Palette by Nature
Palette By nature - 100% natural plant based permanent hair color. No synthetic chemicals which are known allergens and suspected carcinogens. For men and women. Permanent and grey blending systems.

Pura d'or - Argan oil formulations providing treatment for hair loss, premature grey hair, dandruff. Free of harsh chemicals that can cause many chronic hair conditions.

Raw Hair Organics
Raw Hair Organics - Organic shampoos and conditioners made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Free of chemicals, GMO, silicone, and preservatives. Every product is Raw and Vegan.

Russell Organics
Russell Organics - Hair care products rich in botanical ingredients, that gently cleanse and condition. Effective and toxin free. No harsh detergent cleansing agents. No irritating perfumes.

Saffron Rouge
Saffron Rouge - Organic hair care products that are free of toxic ingredients, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives. Never tested on animals. Shampoo, conditioner, styling ,hair treatments.

Shear Miracles
Shear Miracles - 100% natural, VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE shampoos & conditioners. Made with pure oils, vitamins, and herbs. Shampoos and conditioners for all hair types. For natural or color-treated hair.

Simply Organic Beauty - Hair care products based on olive plant extracts. Color safe sulfate free shampoos. No parabens. Petrochemical free. No chemical fragrances. Gentle on the skin.

Susan Henry Natural Color
Susan Henry -Naturally base permanent hair color process. Non-toxic, and 100% ammonia-free. Six hair colors: Copper Red, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Light Blonde and Golden Blonde.

Terressentials - Pure Earth Hair Washes. Made from naturally-occurring clay minerals with organic botanical extracts and organic essential oils. No chemical detergents, preservatives or fragrance.

Tropic Isle Living - Hair Care
Tropic Isle Living - All natural hair, skin and body products made from Black castor oil, herbs and berries from Jamaica. Contains no sulphates, parabens and other harmful chemicals.

Yarok Hair Care
Yarok Hair Care - Organic and all-natural botanicals. YAROK uses primarily "certified organic" ingredients. Free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates and cruelty to animals. Yarok means Green in Hebrew.

Yes to carrots hair care
Yes to Carrots - A line of hair care products made from fruits and vegetables. No paraben, petroleum, phthalates.