All Natural Ant Killer

One of these is an all natural ant and insect killer.

Natural, safe ant and insect killer


Every summer, ants and other crawling, buzzing, flitting and biting things invade my backyard. They especially like to gather around my barbecue grill, under my hummingbird feeders, around the trash can, around the light fixtures, and just about everywhere else it seems.



Sooner or later, they find a way into the house, generally in the kitchen where food is prepared or stored. I have house bunnies and birds and I don't want to spray poisonous pesticides anywhere in or around my home. And of course, I am concerned for my wife's and my own health, so I avoid big time poisons every chance I get.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that a little dish soap and water in a spray bottle kills bugs dead!


All Natural Ant / Insect Killer Recipe:

  1. 8 0Z spray bottle
  2. 1 Tbsp (1 0Z.) of dish soap (Dr. Bronner's or whatever you have handy).
  3. Water

dead ant


Add 1 oz of Dr. Bronner's dish soap to 7 0Z. of water. Shake gently to mix well. That's a pretty small spray bottle so if your bug problem is bigger, you might get a bigger bottle and just adjust the recipe so it's 1 part soap to 7 parts water.

I like to use Dr. Bronner's soap because it is a natural plant based soap, but I have used Palmolive, Dawn and even Trader Joe's natural handsoap to good effect.

Spiders seem a bit resistant, but crickets and other creepy crawlies don't last very long once sprayed. I tend to let most spiders live (if they are outdoors and away from people) as they are the most natural bug killers of all.

Making your own natural ant and insect killer from dishsoap and tap water can save you money and will be safer for you and your family, your pets, and the environment. Try it!