Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food can provide the safest, healthiest choices to ensure your pet's happiness and well being. Typical commercial dog foods contain fillers and leftovers from the manufacture of foods for people and contains artificial colors, additives and preservatives. Natural dog food contains quality protein, vegetables and fruits from natural ingredients. A natural diet can have many benefits for your dog including more energy and healthier weight, less digestive and skin disorders, better overall organ health, stronger bones and superior quality of life and longevity.


Natural and Holistic Dog Food - The List:

Acana dog food
ACANA - Biologically Appropriate dog food includes fresh whole meats from chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, walleye, herring, pike, flounder, angus beef, bison, lamb with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Addiction Dog Food

Addiction - Made with high quality game meats, including free range venison, kangaroo, salmon and brushtail. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts. No fillers, artificial colors or preservatives.
Addiction Dog Food

Back to Basics Dog Food
Back to Basics - Starts with real organ meat as the number 1 ingredient. Turkey, duck, pork, venison, beef. Grain, potato and gluten free. Made in USA.
Back to Basics Dog Food

Artemis Dog Food
Artemis Holistic Dog Food - Chicken, turkey, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Apples, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Spinach and Cranberries. No added preservatives, chemicals, artificial additives or by-products.
Artemis Holistic

Blue Natural Dog Food
Blue Buffalo - Natural Dog Food and Treats. Healthy holistic dog food with real meat, vegetables and fruits. Chicken , duck, salmon, turkey, grain free variety, health bars and treats.
Blue - Natural Dog Food

By Nature Organic Dog Food
By Nature - Natural and Organic food for dogs. Organic meats, with organic vegetables and fruits. No artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives.
By nature

Castor Pollux

Castor & Pollux Organix - Organic and Natural Pet Food. Certified free range chicken, organic vegetables, organic eggs. Real fruits. Organic dog cookies.
Organix Pet Food

Darwin's Natural Pet Products

Darwin's Natural Pet Products - Natural, raw dog food made with USDA approved human quality meats and vegetables. Free range meats from chicken, beef, turkey and duck. Made only with organic vegetables. Delivered to your home.

Dave's Naturally Healthy Food
Dave's Naturally Healthy Dog Food - Beef, chicken, eggs, liver, rice. No fillers. Wheat and gluten free. Made in USA.
Dave's Naturally Healthy Dog Food

Eukanuba - Naturally Wild dog food. Made with high quality animal proteins like chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey and venison.

Fresh is Best Natural Dog Food
Fresh is Best - Natural Pet Food. A variety of fresh food. USDA inspected meats, (chicken, beef, turkey, duck) vegetable,s and supplements. Made in USA, Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Fresh is Best natural Dog Food

Fresh Fetch Dog Food
Fresh Fetch - Real meals for dogs. Real meat from beef, chicken, lamb, salmon. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, natural vitamins and minerals. USDA inspected, no artificial anything.

FreshPet Select
FreshPet - Natural dog food made with high-protein meats and eggs, vitamin-rich vegetables, and wholesome grains. Slice and serve, homestyle, roasted meals, dog treats.

Halo Natural Dog Food

Halo - Natural Dog Food - Made with real turkey, lamb, beef, salmon. No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. No corn, wheat or gluten. No rendered animal parts.
Halo Natural Dog Food

Holistic Select
Holistic Select - Natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables. No meat or poultry by-products. No wheat, or wheat gluten. Includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, natural fiber and botanicals.
Holistic Select Natural Pet Food

Innova Natural Dog Food
Innova - Natural dog food. Made from USDA-inspected meats from chicken, turkey and lamb. Includes fresh fruits and vegetables, grade A dairy products and whole grains and rice.
Innova Dog Food


AvoDerm - Natural dog food using avocados for healthy skin and coats. Using wholesome grains, quality meat proteins with antioxidant nutrients with vitamins and minerals.

Flint River Ranch
Flint River Ranch - All Natural Dog Foods. Made with human grade meats, garden fresh vegetables, wholesome grains and herbs. No artificial colors, by-products, or preservatives.
Flint River Ranch

Lotus Natural Pet Food
Lotus Natural Food for Pets - Holistic oven baked dry foods, canned food and raw dog foods. Made with chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, chicken liver, organic fruits and vegetables.
Lotus Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice - Natural nutrition for dogs of all ages and sizes. Real protein from farm raised chicken and pasture fed lamb. No artificial flavors or preservatives. No corn, gluten, wheat, or soy.
Natura Dog Food

Nature's Logic Dog Food

Nature's Logic - 100% natural pet foods. Meat based foods with select fruits and vegetables. No wheat, corn, soy. Chicken, lamb, venison , duck, salmon and beef.
Nature's Logic Dog Food

My Perfect Pet Food

My Perfect Pet Food - Natural and holistic. Made with fresh whole food. 100% human grade. Boneless, skinless chicken, turkey and salmon. Beef brisket, beef round, boneless lamb. Fresh vegetables.

Pinnacle Pet Foods
Pinnacle Dog Food - Holistic Pet Nutrition. Natural food using premium proteins like turkey, salmon, duck and chicken. Select vegetables and grain free recipes.
Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food

Mulligan Stew Dog Food

Mulligan Stew - Natural Dog Food. Beef, chicken, turkey, wild salmon, duck, buffalo, trout. Vegetables, liver, brown rice. Made in USA.
Mulligan Stew

Natural Organics
Natural Planet Organics - Fresh organic chicken. Select fruits and vegetables. Certified organic. Made in USA. Natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. No chemical preservatives.
Natural Planet Organics

Lassie Natural Way Dog Food
Lassie Natural Way - Natural Dog Food. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. No animal by-products, wheat, corn or soy. Lamb and chicken dog food. Lamb and chicken dog biscuits and jerky strips.

Newman's Own Organic Dog Food

Newman's Own Organics - Premium dog food. Natural meat, organic vegetables. Grain and cord free, no poultry by-products, no fertilizers, antibiotics or steroids.
Newman's Own Organic Dog Food

natural dog food
Orijen - Natural dog food made with fresh, not frozen meats. Using Free range poultry and red meats, wild caught fish, fresh whole eggs all fit for human consumption. 80% meat, 20% fruits and vegetables.
Orijen Natural Pet Food

Pet Guard Vegan Food

PetGuard Natural Dog Food - USDA certified organic. Vegan dog food. Organic chicken and vegetable. Vegetarian adult dry dog food. Organic beef jerky. Organic dog biscuits .Made in USA.

Pronature Holistic Dog Food

ProNature Holistic - All natural dog food made with fresh high quality ingredients like turkey, chicken, duck and fish. Includes mostly organic vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs.

Sojos Natural Dog Food
Sojos - Raw dog food mixes made from scratch. No fillers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Turkey, beef, grain free. USDA meat. Natural Dog treats.
Sojos Dog Food

Zukes Natural Dog Treats
Zukes - Natural Dog Treats
formulated with only natural ingredients. Energy treats, dog biscuits, Hip and join support treats, grain free jerky, dental chews, low calorie, high protein, wheat, corn and soy free.
Zukes Natural Dog Treats