Organic Baby Formula

Choosing organic baby formula is choosing to give your baby nutritional foods that are produced without the use of potentially harmful chemicals, synthetic pesticides, or growth hormones. For the first four to six months after birth, infants receive most of their nutrition from breast milk or infant formula. For that reason, it is of utmost importance that these infant formulas contain the safest and most natural ingredients. Use this directory to find safe and healthy organic baby formula.


Baby's Only Toddler
Baby's Only - Organic toddler formula. Dairy and dairy free soy based formulas. Organic milk based forumula for lactose intolerant babies. Probiotic supplement formula.

Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings - Organic milk based baby formula. No antibiotics, growth hormones, no harmful pesticides. USDA certifed organic. Provides essential nutrients DHA and ARA for baby's mental and visual development. Made in Vermont.
Bright Beginnings

Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula
Earth's Best - Organic infant formula. 100% of essential nutrients recommended by doctors. Formulas, cereals, jarred foods. Patterned after breast milk with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.

Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula

Happy Baby Organic Meals
HappyBaby - Organic baby meals. Organic fruits and vegetables for babies and tots. 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, BPA and pthalate free packaging. Shelf stable pouches.

Happy Baby

O Organics

O organics for Baby - Organic milk based baby formula. USDA certified organic. Contains DHA and ARA nutrients found naturally in breast milk. No growth hormones or antibiotics.

Parent's Choice

Parent's Choice - USDA certified organic baby formula. Milk based nutrition with calcium, DHA, ARA and all vitamins and minerals for growth and development. No antibiotics, steroids, pesticides.
Parent's Choice organic baby formula

Perfectly Healthy Organic Goats Milk Formula
Perfectly Healthy - Organic goat milk baby formula. Made with dehydrated goat milk. No GMO's, No wheat or soy.
organic goat milk baby formula

Similac Organic Baby Formula
Similac - Organic ready to feed baby formula. USDA certified organic. Available in power or ready to feed. Nutritionally complete organic infant formula with iron, lutein, DHA and calcium.
Similac Shop

Vermont Organic Baby Formula
Vermont Organics - Organic Milk based formula, organic Soy based formula. Soy version is lactose free. No antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides. USDA certified organic and gluten free.
Vermont Organics